About Us

We started in Noida, 26 years back in 1995, being a family owned business, we believe that sending flowers should be a pleasure. That is why we use only the very best quality flowers under strict quality controls.

Apart from our own stores in Noida and greater noida areas, we have a strong network of florists to give you the most reliable delivery service and to create the most pleasant and smooth experience.

Each order counts for us. Whether the order is large or small, customer satisfaction is our top priority, meaning that we are always dedicated to ensuring that our flowers arrive on time and in exceptional form every time. Like our customers, we believe that top quality products and service should only be expected as norm.

What ultimately makes us unique, however, is the experience and expertise which our talented floral design team have accumulated from our past 21 years in the business.

These attribute to the colorful inspirations which perfect our every bouquet, taking floral presentation into a whole new dimension which gives us the edge over our competitors.

Wedding Decorations

We offer a unique range of decorations, providing an exciting mix of traditional and contemporary decor for your function. These can either be of your designs or if you prefer, we can provide a complete decoration service for you to chose from which is  fully designed and installed by our professional team of decorators. We can advise in the planning and decor to suit the place, theme or your own personal taste according to a given budget and your preferred color scheme. We Provide You the best service for your Wedding Decorations.

No occasion is complete without flowers. Flowers add meaning and beauty to the occasion. Floral decorations can provide a prestigious and refreshing enhancement to your event, as they are the finishing touch to every occasion. We specialize in floral arrangements using both fresh and artificial flowers in a wide range of colors.

Our Floral Designer is your expert Wedding Floral consultant, the creative and experienced professional who knows well how to make your flowers as unique as your wedding.You can fix a meeting with him months in advance, as we are putting together the pieces, you will meet with our designer who will take your ideas and then go about the more practical business of whipping up the design that sets the tone and creates the mood.